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dog beds

Plastic In Functional And Beautifully Designed Dog Houses.

MST February 09, 2017 A place for your pet to co-exist at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. (Photo: KUSA) CONNECT TWEET LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST DENVER - Theres no reason your beautifully landscaped garden and a functional outdoor space for your pet cant co-exist. Come to the Colorado Garden & Home Show February 4 through 12 shock collar at the Colorado Convention Center to see the pet friendly garden, created by Autumn Gold Landscapes in partnership with Denver Dumb Friends League. 9NEWS is a sponsor of the Colorado Garden and Home Show RELATED: This year's hottest garden and home products Rich Hoverman with Autumn Gold Landscapes built a 2,000 square-foot garden at the show this year thats compatible with pets. How, you ask? Here are a few elements he incorporated, and recommends you consider, for your pet: * Plants that arent toxic to animals stop by the show for a brochure that includes a list of approved plants. * Dog Tuff Turf a relatively new product thats synthetic and holds up well for use around pets. A place for your pet to co-exist at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. (Photo: KUSA) * A pondless water feature for keeping your animals out of trouble. Instead of a standing pool of water, water disappears underneath the installed stone and recirculates. * Custom design elements consider giving Fido his own space, like a yard run. And avoid hazards like sharp edging around flower beds, and mulch (which can be toxic, and gets tracked into the house). A place for your pet to co-exist at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. (Photo: KUSA) There are many more tips and considerations for making your outdoor space pet friendly!

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dog beds

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